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special & discount offers on refurbished pcs

Special and Discount offers on Citizenship licenses are available to supply only to eligible recipients such as educational institutions, non-profit charitable organisations and other specially approved recipients.

Specially Approved Recipients means

1. Eligible recipients of a qualified Technology Access Program (TAP). A qualified TAP is a documented program that distributes Refurbished PCs to Qualified Individuals. It is run by one of the following:
i. Eligible Charitable Organization,
ii. Eligible Academic User,
iii. national, state/provincial or local government agency; or
iv. international governmental organization
2. A teaching hospital or medical training school
3. A public research establishment fully funded by government on a local, national or European level; or
4. A national or regional governmental initiative, or such other initiative, as approved in writing by MS to be eligible under the Registered Refurbisher Program.
5. Public Libraries that provide their services to all residents of a given community without charge. Some charges may apply for users outside a designated region or for other services.
Specially Approved Recipients may receive PCs through the program preinstalled with:
 Windows 7 Professional
 Windows 8.1 Pro
 Windows Multipoint Server 2011 Premium
 Microsoft Office Home & Business 2010
 Skype™ for Windows® Desktop for Refurbished PCs

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microsoft registered refurbisher

Elmacest is proud to operate as one of UK companies certified as a Microsoft Registered  Refurbisher (MRR). Our trusted partnership with Microsoft eases the understandable concerns that businesses may harbour regarding the legitimacy of software on user PC’s. A refurbished Windows operating System Laptop, tablet or computer from Elmacest, couples with our highly train and experience Tech Gurus gives  the trustworthiness of a genuine Microsoft Operating System and Microsoft Office Suite.
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